Current group members include:

  • Dr. Bing Zhang (Professor)
  • Dr. Wei-Hua Lei (postdoc fellow)
  • Dr. Massimiliano De Pasquale (postdoc fellow)
  • Dr. Z. Lucas Uhm (visiting scholar)
  • Dr. Amanda Maxham (visiting faculty)
  • Mr. Wei Deng (graduate student)
  • Mr. He Gao (graduate student)
  • Mr. Hou-Jun L\”u (graduate student)
  • Mr. Robert Gex (undergraduate student)
  • Ms. Bo Zhang (visiting student, Nanjing University)


—-Recent Group members. From right to left: Bing Zhang, Massimiliano De Pasquale (postdoc fellow), Amanda Maxham (visiting faculty), Resmi Lekshmi (visiting scholar), Z. Lucas Uhm (visiting scholar), He Gao (graduate student), Hou-Jun L\”u (graduate student), Bo Zhang (visiting student), Wei Deng (graduate student), Weihua Lei (Postdoc fellow).

Past group members

—-Group portrait. From left to right: En-Wei Liang (research associate), Bin-Bin Zhang (graduate student), Nayantara Gupta (postdoc), David Whitehead (graduate student), Bing Zhang, Francisco Virgili (graduate student).

Past students and visiting students:

  • Dr. Bin-Bin Zhang, 2006-2011 (Ph.D. 5/11). Current position: Postdoc fellow, The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA.
  • Dr. Francisco Virgili, 2004-2011 (Ph.D. 5/11), Current position: Postdoc fellow, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
  • Dr. Amanda Maxham, 2004-2011 (Ph.D. 5/11), Current position: Visiting faculty, UNLV, USA.
  • Mr. David Whitehead, 2007-2010 (M.S. 5/10).
  • Ms. Tesla Birnbaum, 2007-2011 (B.S. 8/11).
  • Dr. Yi-Zhong Fan, 09/04-08/05, visiting student; 12/09-03/10, visiting scholar. Current position: “100 Talents (Bairen) Program” Research Professor, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
  • Past postdoc fellows and/or research associates:

  • Dr. Xue-Feng Wu, 04/10-03/11. Current position: “100 Talents (Bairen) Program” Research Professor, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
  • Dr. En-Wei Liang, 12/04-12/07, postdoc/research associate; 12/09-05/10, visiting professor. Current position: “Chinese National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (JieQing)” Receiver, Professor, Guangxi University, China.
  • Dr. Nayantara Gupta, 03/06-09/07. Current position: faculty, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India.
  • Dr. Jaroslaw Dyks, 10/04-05/05. Current position: faculty, Nicolaus Copernicus Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Torun, Poland.
  • Past long term visitors:

  • Dr. Qiang Yuan, 11/10-04/11, visiting scholar. Current position: postdoc fellow, Institute of High Energy Physics, China.
  • Prof. Janusz Gil, 01/05-07/05, visiting professor. Current position: Director and Professor, Institute of Astronomy, Zielona Gora University, Poland.
  • Prof. Zi-Gao Dai, 02/06-05/06, visiting professor. Current position: Changjiang Professor, Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University, China.
  • Dr. Yun-Ming Dong, 06/09-05/10, visiting scholar. Current position: Faculty, College of Physics and Engineering, Sichuan Normal University, China.
  • Past short term visitors:

  • Dr. Wei-Kang Zheng (University of Michigan, 03/11)
  • Ms. Hao-Ning He (Nanjing University & Penn State University, 03/11)
  • Prof. Guo-Jun Qiao (Peking University, China, 01/11-02/11)
  • Prof. Ren-Xin Xu (Peking University, China, 01/11-02/11)
  • Prof. Zong-Hong Zhu (Beijing Normal University, China, 0/10)
  • Prof. Feng Yuan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China, 09/10-10/10)
  • Prof. Rachid Ouyed (University of Calgary, Canada, 04/10-04/10)
  • Dr. Resmi Lekshmi (IAP, France, 08/09-11/09)
  • Dr. Huirong Yan (Univ. of Arizona, 04/09)
  • Dr. Sarira Sahu (UNAM, Mexico, 03/09, 04/11)
  • Mr. Kohta Murase (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto University, visiting student, 10/08-11/08)
  • Ms. Nicola Lyons (University of Leicester, UK, visiting student, 04/08-05/08)
  • Dr. Xue-Feng Wu (Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 11/07)
  • Ms. Razieh Behkam (Arizona State University, visiting student, 07/07-08/07)
  • Mr. Rong-Feng Shen (University of Texas, Austin, visiting student, 08/07)
  • Dr. Yosuke Mizuno (National Space Science and Technology Center, 04/06, 04/08-06/08)
  • Dr. Ken-Ichi Nishikawa (National Space Science and Technology Center, 04/06)
  • Dr. Asaf Pe’er (Space Telescope Science Institute, 02/06, 02/09)

  • p1190053.JPG
  • —– After a colloquium. From left to right: Yi-Zhong Fan (former visiting student), Jarek Dyks (former postdoc), Janusz Gil (former visiting professor), Qiu-He Peng (short-term visiting professor), Bing Zhang.


    —– Vacation at the Valley of Fire. On the picture: Zhang family, Gil family, Dyks family, Liang family, and Fan.


    – After a special group meeting. From left to right: Ken-Ichi Nishikawa (short-term visitor), Amanda Maxham (graduate student), Yosuke Mizuno (short-term visitor), Daniel Proga (UNLV professor), Bing Zhang, and Zi-Gao Dai (former visiting professor).