Prof. Zhang receives an NSF grant

Jun 16, 2009

Prof. Zhang (PI) received a 3-yr NSF grant in the amount of $339,621 from the Office  of Astronomy. The title of the proposal is “Understanding gamma-ray burst emission physics with multiwavelength data”. The PI proposes to carry on the on-going active GRB research at UNLV, and to perform novel, rigorous and timely investigations on GRBs in the joint Swift/Fermi era.

In particular, he proposes to perform a multi-wavelength study of GRB afterglow and prompt emission in the following 4 directions. 1. Systematically analyze GRB afterglow data, try to differentiate the emission components that have distinct physical origins, in particular, those from the external forward shock and those demanding new emission models; 2. Model broadband, multi-component afterglows using both the external forward shock and non-forward-shock theories; 3. Systematically analyze the GRB prompt emission data collected by Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM, and investigate the validity of various empirical correlations; and 4. Perform detailed modeling of the broad band prompt emission of GRBs, and try to use the data to constrain the unknown physical parameters of the emitter.