Prof. Zhang receives a NASA Fermi grant

Aug 28, 2009

Prof. Zhang (PI) received a 1-yr NASA Fermi grant in the amount of $80,001.  The title of the proposal is “Unveiling gamma-ray burst prompt emission with Fermi data.”  The PI proposes to model the broadband prompt emission data of the GRBs that are co-detected by Fermi LAT and GBM. 

Using both analytical and numerical methods, we will derive useful constraints on the unknown parameters of the GRB ejecta, directly address the three outstanding problems related to GRB prompt emission, i.e. the composition (baryonic vs. Poynting flux dominated), the emission location (photosphere, internal shock, or large radius for magnetic dissipation), and the radiation mechanism (synchrotron, SSC, and Comptonization of thermal photons).