Science Magazine Ranks NASA Swift Satellite result in Top Ten Science breakthroughs of the year

Jan 14, 2006

UNLV Physics Professor BING ZHANG  is a member of the SWIFT science team that demonstrated that collisions between neutron stars appear to spark most short bursts of gamma rays.


Every year Science Magazine chooses the top ten science breakthroughs of the year. Ranked at number four this year is a discovery by scientists working on the SWIFT satellite science team. By combining optical and gamma-ray observations  they have shown that short gamma-ray bursts are hosted by elliptical galaxies between two and six billion light years away and seem to come from an old population of stellar objects. This suggests that the bursts  are produced by merger events of binary neutron stars. UNLV astrophysicist BING ZHANG is a member of the SWIFT science team that produced this result.