“Flying Apple Space Technologies” succeeds in the video capture from its balloon space flight

Dec 16, 2011

One of our recent Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Amanda Maxham, who is currently teaching AST104 as a visiting faculty, also operates the “Flying Apple Space Technologies”.  They have succeeded in capturing the video from their recent space balloon launch at Nipton, NV.  See the youtube video here.   Very cool, Amanda!!

Prof. Matthew Baring (Rice Univ.) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Dec 9, 2011

“The Quiescent and Flaring Emission of Magnetars”


Magnetars are the most powerful compact objects in the stellar mass range observed in the Milky Way.  The initial spikes of giant flares seen in three soft gamma repeaters (SGRs) dwarf the fluxes of the brightest cosmological gamma-ray bursts.

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Dr. Jun Luo (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Dec 2, 2011

“Progress on Laboratory Gravitational Experiments in HUST Group”

Many theoretical physicists are trying to find a universal unified theory to cover the four fundamental interactions, but up to now they can not answer the question why gravitation is so weak compared with the other forces. Therefore, experimental research on the essential nature of gravitation is still relevant to some of the most profound questions in fundamental physics.

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