Prof. Guo-Jin Qiao (Peking Univ.) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Jan 28, 2011

enough to produce gamma-rays.

“The Annular Gap Model and Pulsar High Energy and Radio Emission”

An annular gap model of pulsars will be presented. In this model, the advantages of both the polar cap/slot gap model and outer gap model are retained. The annular gap region would play an important role for both young normal pulsars and millisecond pulsars, since the potential drops in the annular region can be high.

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Dr. Brian Morsony (Univ. of Winsconsin) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Jan 21, 2011

gamma-ray emission. 

“The Impact of Environment on GRB and AGN Jets”

I will present numerical simulations of jet propagation in the context of GRB jets from massive stars and AGN jets in galaxy clusters.  For GRBs, the stellar envelope collimates the jet, keeping the jet hotter than would be expected for a free expansion.  This allows about 30% of the jet energy to escape as photospheric.

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Science Magazine Ranks NASA Swift Satellite result in Top Ten Science breakthroughs of the year

Jan 14, 2006

UNLV Physics Professor BING ZHANG  is a member of the SWIFT science team that demonstrated that collisions between neutron stars appear to spark most short bursts of gamma rays.

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