Prof. Yuefang Wu (Peking Univ.) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Feb 19, 2010

“Gravitational collapse in high-mass star formation region”

The high-mass star formation mechanisms remain unclear. By calculation, when a forming star reaches 8 Msun, its radiation pressure can halt spherical infall, preventing its further growth. Two major theoretical models on the further growth of such stars were suggested. One model suggested the mergence of low mass stellar objects, and the other suggested a process through accretion-disk-outflow still.

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Dr. Yosuke Mizuno (Marshall) visit our group and give colloquium speech

Feb 12, 2010

“Current-Driven Kink Instability in Relativistic Jets”

Highly-ionized fast accretion-disk winds have been suggested as an explanation for a variety of observed absorption and emission features in the X-ray spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei. Simple estimates have suggested that these flows may be massive enough to be significant for the accretion process and might even be involved in creating the link between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies.

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